2012 Summer Camp to the USA

I have been expected this summer holiday for a long time because of the summer camp to the USA, which was organized by our school SIFC. Three weeks ago, we gathered at school gate very early in the morning and headed for the HK airport. After a 16-hour flight, we arrived in New York Long Island University. Although it was rather exhausted for us to have jet-lag, we were totally preoccupied by the magnificent scenery on campus afterwards. Then, our trip officially began.

According to the schedule which was handed out by the university, sometimes we were supposed to have lessons for a whole day, and other days we could have a wide variety of activities. Let’s talk about the lesson day first. I was arranged into Mary’s class, who is a friendly and experienced American teacher, and the class included students from all over the world. Mary taught us some useful knowledge which could be applied in our TOEFL exam, in a relaxing method. For example, she told us to watch a movie and take notes so that we could do some vocabulary exercises after that. Besides, we once did a quite excited game which helped us learn many different grammars. What’s more, our group leader insisted to speak English to us and we were also always hanging out with foreign students. Hence our English can be applied all day long. Let’s switch the gear and talk about our activities. We played Frisbee and footballs, which are two local traditional sports, in the afternoon. Moreover, we went into New York downtown and visited the Empire State Building, which is currently the second tallest building in the US, and the top of the Rockefeller Center, which is the economic center of NY. Further more, the tour to the Moma Museum and the Metropolitan Museum was rather unforgettable and impressive. Finally, the trip to a rewarding baseball game and the meaningful Statue of Liberty left us the best memory in the LIU. 

Next, we proceeded our summer camp to the Pace University. It is located in NY downtown and therefore we could enjoy a much more convenient transportation, metro. In the class of Pace, we students were separated randomly and received different assignment. Our class was asked to compose a drama and a lyric correspondingly. Later, we held an interview as well. In other class, one of my classmates challenged himself to act like a romantic poet. Although he felt very awkward at first, he overcame the problem and accomplished the task perfectly. In another class, my friend went out of the campus with their head teacher and did some questionnaires with strangers. It turned out that she achieved a well-done assignment eventually. Throughout all those activities in classes, all of us promoted our social ability, creativity, imagination, team spirit and English fluency. During the period, there was an accident that I lost a new watch. In order to find the person who picked up my watch, I asked many staff, mobilize my friends to ask other students and post a paper. Although I did not find it eventually, I learned a lot and if I am in the same situation again, I will know how to cope with the case. On the last day, we have already made a lot of friends from Russia, France, German, Italy, Mongolia, etc. And now we keep in touch by sending e-mails, just as what I promised.

Coming out of the university, we began the life of flying in the sky! First we flew to Boston, Los Angeles, Holly Wood and then San Francisco. We went to Colombia University, Yale University, Brown University, MIT, the Universal Studio and Stanford University respectively. Then we headed back to Hong Kong airport from San Francisco.

For me, the summer camp trip to the USA was really a precious memory. I greatly appreciated that I can have the chance to explore America before I go studying abroad and I will never regret to attend this school activity with all of my friends.


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